Benefits of being an Oman Preferred Agent

Agents who successfully complete each of the training modules available on this site will qualify for Oman Preferred Agent status. This entitles you to a listing on our and websites, as well as to receive inbound marketing leads directed through our local office. We also share extra tips and information to help those agents who’ve invested time with us to see a return through increased sales with consumers. In addition, we run competitions for Oman Preferred Agents where you can win a host of great prizes – including regular famils to our beautiful country.

Train on the go

Our modules and quizzes are both available in a mobile- and tablet-friendly format, allowing you to complete your training from anywhere you have an internet signal. So if you’re busy now and would like an email reminder sent in 24 hours, simply click here. Then simply access the email from your phone or tablet, click the link, and you’ll be able to get started. It’s as easy as that.